Isaac (moonprince1357) wrote,

Hey Kids

I'm on the sister's lappy, sitting in my hotel room in Salt Lake. It's so pretty out here, I'm rather jealous of my sister for getting to live here-


I don't have a whole lot of pictures, but they speak more than words, way more.


first part of my trip, we were gonna fly from Huntington to Cincinatti, to Salt Lake City. That didn't happen, thanks to some fog over Cinci's airstrip. We ended up an hour late into Cinci, and missed our next flight by 5 minutes. Anyway, they sent me to VEGAS BABY, where I did nothing but take pictures and pee, provided I was there for about 10 minutes, but still, I went to Vegas. Anyway, got to Salt Lake City and it's beautiful. The West has so many colors other than green. Reds, the Blue sky, and yellows all mush together to make a great view.


That was a really dorky truck we were behind. it made me laugh.

oh yeah, while we were there, we went to an amazing thrift store. It's called Desert interprises, and one of the stores is where Napoleon found his stuff in the movie. incredible.

MORMONS! haha, it's pretty cool to other stuff than the bible.

sorry the pictures don't match up with the captions, I'm to lazy to put things in order.

ok, now probably just some more random stuff.

it's just too beautiful to put into pictures.

Mom and Dad at the University of Utah.

Cool Graffiti at the U of U


Alright dears, I'm gonna go. With that, I'll post more pictures when I have the time and bandwidth (on Hotel wi-fi right now) I'll see if I can max out my webshots account.

alright, love you guys, miss you.



feel free to call, may not talk long though, 'cause my night and weekends don't start till 11 home time.


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