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Where pleasured moments hung before...

Oh snow, how do I love thee?
Emily Terry and Beckelhimer had their party last night. It was fun, pretty pretty fun. I enjoyed myself.
I bought my plane tickets for spring break today. Joy, I have a little over a half hour to run across the cincinatti airport and catch the next plane.
great.... but Salt Lake City, here I come!
I'm so putting off writing a huge essay for English. I'm a dork like that.
anyway, yeah.
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oh god.
i had about 20 mins to get through cinci once (on the way to michigan this summer), and it was hell.
luckily, this past week when i flew to texas, i had about 40 mins to an hour each time.

here's my advice:
1. pray that your connecting flight is in the same concourse. it is about 10 million times better and easier that way.
2. if it's not, check in as soon as you get in to cinci, and see if they will call your connecting flight's gate and make sure they don't leave without you.
3. do not expect the shuttles to be fast. ever. thank the stars if they are, for it is a rare occurance.

good luck!
what are you going to SLC for?
My sister lives out there. I'm just going to chill out there for a week, and get away from orchestra stuff and all.
I get to see an opera while I'm out there, if I'm not mistaken its Don Giovonni, which'll be really cool, since I'll just have finished Hansel and Gretel by then.
oh awesome! i saw my first opera last week. it was (get this) The Barber of Seville, and it was by far the most astounding and amazing and so completely worthy of a standing ovation performance i have EVER had the complete pleasure of attending. i hope you love it as much as i did; maybe we can go to an opera together sometime. (:

ps- i might come in to orchestra tomorrow or wednesday. i hate that i've been missing so much tri-state because of my auditions, but what can you do?
hey you need to update your lj. but I know you been busy. I like reading it that's all. have a good rest of the school year. and have a great Summer love ya, Les. ps:maybe I can see you more in the Summer(=