Isaac (moonprince1357) wrote,

I gotta make a post. Feel free to read and all.


      Ever since I found out about Christy dying, I keep asking myself "why?" It's just so hard and complicated for me to understand. God has his reasons for what he does, but this is just really hard to understand. Maybe the fact that upsets me so much is how close she was to my sister. Or maybe it's that she was my sister's age. 28. It just blows my mind with thought. It wasn't a car crash that killed her, something not natural. No, her body died from inside out, slowly, painfully. Yet, she looked on the bright side every day. it's just...... AGH, I don't know what I'm feeling right now, but I just need to let out some anguish. Christy was one of my sister's best friends in high school, through college, and up until she died. The nights my sister spent in the hospital with her, etc. It's just so amazing to me how a woman so on passion for God could wind up dead. Christy, had she gotten better, was going to go be a missionary in India. Why would God take her from that? Why would...?

Let's sum it up in 2 words : Why would....??

Yeah, sorry about the weirdness.

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